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Neck pain-4 great ways to get it

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Yes folks, here are some very easy ways to give yourself neck pain. I am sure many of you do these all day every day so let’s take a look at the first one.


All day you are Phone wedging:

This really is a fabulous way to get neck pain and is seen everywhere, especially now with the advent of cell phones. Everyone has a phone and it seems that we are using them practically all of the time. But also the office phone and the house phone are great contributors to neck pain as well. How many of you are guilty of talking on the phone whilst wedging the phone between your ear and shoulder. How often are you talking on the phone whilst leaving your two hands free to continue typing on the computer? This is a sure-fire way to continually contract those muscles and eventually give you neck pain. Then you will have muscle imbalances, perhaps trigger points in the muscles which cause pain and dysfunction and you will be well on your way to chronic neck pain.

All day you are chin jutting:

This is another super way to give you neck pain. It’s not only the most common but also the fastest way. I have written at great length in my other posts on neck pain and posture and exactly what the mechanisms are which produce this type of neck pain but it’s basically being in a head- forward posture. You should have your head slightly retracted not pushed forward. Think of your daily activities, at the computer, driving the car, eating and drinking. By far the most common of these is the dreaded computer. How many of you peering into the screen with your head protracted-here is a reminder. If you were to hang a string from your chin, it should fall onto your chest not straight down onto the floor. If it goes to the floor you’re probably with a head forward posture straining your ligaments and well on your way to neck pain(if you don’t already have it), shoulder impingement problems, pinched nerves radiating pain, numbness and/or tingling into the arms, a tense upper back and shoulders just to name a few.

All day you are slouching:

Number three on the list is slouching. I am not just talking about work at the computer which I am sure many of you do. Remember, if your lower back is not in good position; meaning that you are sitting upright with the small inward arch in your lower back, your neck has no chance whatsoever. How many of you finish a day of strenuous slouching only to go home and sit in your favourite chairs in the lounge room to continue slouching. If your back is in a big C shape you are doing a great job to not only give yourself neck pain but also get the daily double and have lower back pain as well. If you don’t sit with your lower back in good position you are well on your way to disc bulges, herniations, prolapses, buttock pain and sciatica. I have also written about these in much more depth in my previous posts.

At the end of a hard days slouching and wedging its time to read in bed:

And now its time to peel yourself out of the low sofa, grunt and groan, lie back in bed, take it easy, prop 3 pillows behind your head and do some reading. What a wonderful way to really hurt both your neck and back at the same time. Not only is your lower back without its inward arch straining the ligaments again, but also your head is pushed forward into the chin jutting position. A much better way to do this is put the pillows behind your lower back and sit upright with your head slightly retracted and interchange this position with lying on your stomach reading. In fact, when you watch TV, get down on the floor at intervals instead of spending hours slouching in your chair and spend some time lying on your stomach like you did when you were a child. Lay on your stomach propped on your forearms to give your back some well deserved extension-by god it needs it. And the more you get used to it, the better it will feel and you will want to do this regularly.

So, correct your posture at all times, stop wedging the phone between your head and shoulder-buy a headset if need be and stop reading in bed with your head pushed forward and lower back slouched. You will be pain free; will not need to see your chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist or masseur anywhere near as often and you will not need to be popping down ibuprofen like candy.

Sweet dreams.