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children can remove pain with their imaginations

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Children can remove pain with their imaginations

Here is a wonderful study that has been done in the United States where they have taken advantage of the fertile imaginations of children to remove their pain using guided imagery.

Being a father and natural therapist I found this study of particular interest. The one thing I loathe is giving my son medications but I understand at times it is necessary. However this research is a wonderful advance in using the mind instead of medicines. According the journal pediatrics, one in five children suffers from abdominal pain which has no apparent cause. The researchers decided to capitalize on the children’s imaginations to remove their pain by having them listen to relaxing cds and getting them to imagine themselves floating on clouds or being in other tranquil beautiful situations which led to a dramatic decrease in their pains. The study was conducted because of the positive results that had been seen in irritable bowel syndrome and hypnosis.

One of the techniques they found particularly effective was to have the child imagine they had a shiny ball in their hand that melts into their hand. Then they put their hand on their stomach which spreads light and warmth and imagine the shiny liquid going all around their stomach which gives them a protective barrier against pains.

They tested 30 children, 15 had standard medical treatment and the other 15 had the guided imagery. The children were aged between 6 and 15 years old. However, due to a lack of therapists to do the guided imagery personally they recorded the therapists’ words on cds so that the children could listen to them on their cd players at home. 73.3% of the 15 who had the guided imagery treatments experienced a decrease in pain by more than half as compared to the other group getting standard care which was 26.7%.

The researchers are not exactly sure how it works but they think that the relaxation techniques help with anxiety levels and to decrease hypersensitivities. Dr. Miranda von Trapp, the researcher in charge of the study said that she is very excited about the results because not only is it an inexpensive way to treat the children for this very common disorder but also they can use the cds at home and not need to come to the hospitals.

Also in West Sussex England, Professor David candy who is a pediatric gastroenterologist did a similar study and had a 100% success rate on the children he had.

In my mind, any study that helps us use fewer medications is fabulous especially when it comes to our precious children. I hope we can make many more advances in the still virtually unknown area of the mind and pain relief.

Amazing, children removing their pain by the power of their imaginations-who would have imagined it!