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How to take fat off your stomach

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I was watching a commercial on television yesterday and they were advertising a product where these incredibly toned people were demonstrating something where you wrap some sort of heating device around your body part and magically lose weight! Well, yes you could very well lose weight but as soon as you drink a glass of water that weight will be back again because the only weight you will lose is fluid weight. It’s such a con! They have these models who have obviously been working out in the gym A LOT and have very good diets because the  only way you will see a person’s six pack stomach is if he/she has low body fat, not just strong abs. I remember reading an article a long time ago which said that your six pack stomach is made in the kitchen. What that means is that you can do hundreds of crunches a day but if you still have too much body fat you will never see them so your diet needs to be correct to trim down that excess layer of fat. Anyway, this TV commercial shows these trim taught and terrific models wrapping these heating thingies on the body part of their choice and supposedly like magic your body fat just melts away! There is only one problem however, it’s absolutely bull dust.

We would love to believe it is true-eat what we like, no need to exercise and get home at the end of the day after eating our way through a mountain of fried food and drinking sodas and just wrap on the heat wrap to melt away our lovehandles.

The sad thing is, I bet they are selling thousands of these things.

So how do we get fat off our stomachs? Or hips? Or thighs?

Another TV commercial which I have seen and I am sure you have too where they have some miracle stomach crunching machine that sheds all of your unwanted fat from your stomach-there is only one problem though, you can’t remove your fat like this. Removing fat is not target specific.

Let me explain. By doing crunches you don’t specifically take fat off your stomach nor when you do thigh exercises do you take fat off your thighs. You are only building muscle in that area (which is a good thing). However, when you exercise you burn calories and the fat comes off your whole body. Therefore when you do crunches you (for example) take a millimetre of fat from your stomach, thighs, chin, butt, arms, neck, back etc. but you cannot target an area to remove fat specifically from that zone.

So how do you remove fat from your stomach?

You do regular exercise (cardio and resistance exercises) which will not only burn calories but will also build muscle tissue and that will then in turn increase your resting metabolic rate which will in turn burn more calories-yay! Then if you correct your diet as well you are going to be leaner, stronger and who knows maybe you will be one of those models on the TV commercials!

But for now,

Rest assured I am watching your back( and your stomach)