Neck Pain Exercises-treat your own neck pain by using the best neck exercises and learn which are the worst for your neck.


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  The good…

  • From a standing position place one foot back behind you in a comfortably wide stance. Make sure you keep the back foot facing forward, do not let it turn out. You may have to look at the back foot to check because it can feel like its straight when its not.
  • Bend your front knee so that your front shin is vertical, this will put your weight through your ankle and protect your knee.
  • Bend both knees a little and allow the back heel to come off the ground.
  • Make sure your hips are facing forwards
  • Ensure that your back is upright and not leaning forwards
  • Your weight should be placed evenly between both feet
  • You MUST tuck your backside underneath you by using your abdominals to lift your beltline up. ( a pelvic tilt)This decreases the arch in your lower back which will then give you a stretch through the front of your back thigh.
  • Hold for 15 seconds and change sides
  • Relax, breathe, smile and enjoy
  • Do this several times per day to stretch out the front hip especially if you are sitting a lot ( who doesn’t these days)

…the bad and the ugly

  • bending the front knee too much which stresses the front knee
  • turning the back foot out
  • arching the lower back
  • leaning the body forwards over the front leg instead of being vertical
  • allowing the front knee to fall inwards, keep your shin vertical
  • forgetting to relax, breathe, smile and enjoy