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the stretch you never need to do with neck and shoulder pain

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As you sit reading this I would imagine the majority of you are slouched over your computer with very poor posture, so before we go any further, sit up straight please! In another post I will explain just why bad posture is so damaging for the back and neck and some very simple things to do to help this and help your pain.

One problem with spending so much time slouching over computers, driving with our necks craned forwards etc is that we constantly tighten our muscles around our chest area. This forward shoulder posture is almost endemic in our society these days due to poor posture and having tight pectorals leaves the opposite muscles too long and weakened. These are the muscles at the back of the shoulders and shoulder blades. The more you slouch the further your shoulders move forward and rotate internally. Then your shoulder blades are pulled wider apart around your ribcage and before you know it you are suffering with shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, impingements, pinched nerves etc and its all easily remedied and totally preventable.

An easy way to check if your shoulders are rotated inwards is to stand up and check your thumbs. Do they points inwards? They should be pointing forwards. The further inwards they point, the more your shoulder is rotated and hence pulled forwards. This is very damaging to the shoulder! You need to do stretches to both stretch your pectorals and strengthen several of the external rotator muscles and scapula stabilisers so that you do not suffer in the future.

Therefore, if you have a postural problem like this (most people do) you should not be doing the stretch where you grab your arm and take it horizontally across your body to stretch the back of your shoulders. This is worsening your problem! You have weak and elongated muscles and tendons already and if you stretch these by pulling your arm in front of your body you exacerbate your problem and worsen your muscular imbalances. This is just one example of stretching the overstretched muscles. I will write about other stretches that worsen your postural imbalances in other articles soon.

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