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how to remove neck pain when you sneeze

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Sneezing and neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain when you sneeze or cough there is a simple way to remedy this. One of the major causes of neck pain when you sneeze is holding your neck in a flexed or forward position at the time of sneezing; in other words, having your head looking downwards toward the ground. This can put enormous stresses on your discs and ligaments and create pain. If your head is protracted as well (head forward position) you are stressing them even further. Add to that the enormous forces generated when you sneeze (a sneeze comes out of your mouth at 100 miles per hour) and it’s no wonder your neck hurts!

A great way to keep this from happening is to keep your head in a more neutral position this means, neither forwards or looking down so that the pressure is much less on your neck structures. Keep your head ever so slightly retracted (see the double chin exercise) and you can even have your head looking slightly upwards. This will help enormously. Just make sure to cover your mouth!

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