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Neck disc bulges and pinched nerves –how can you fix them?

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Disc bulges in the neck happen through simple mechanics. They are generally easy to fix. Once you understand how they happen you can avoid them happening in the future and I will also show you how can reduce or even remove the disc bulges yourself. The mystery behind neck pain and disc bulges is that there really is no mystery after all, as you are about to see. When you spend time in a slouched position in front of the computer or driving or reading etc you have your head in what is known as a forward head posture. This places enormous strain on all of your soft tissues in your neck especially the lower cervical region. Your neck when it sits in a forward head posture puts the lower cervicals in a position of flexion; this is bad. Excessive time in this position according to the famous Mayo clinic causes ‘muscle strains, disc bulges and pinched nerves’. Every inch your ears go forward of the middle of your shoulders creates an extra 10 lbs of weight for your neck. So what happens when your lower cervicals are in flexion is that the discs that sit between them are getting pushed backwards. The disc is encapsulated by ligaments so they are then also put under enormous strain as the disc pushes against them. After a while, the discs get strained which is felt as a dull ache across the back of the neck, just like if you mildly strained the ligaments of your ankle; it would be sore around the area. However, strain those ligaments enough and finally the ligaments will lose their integrity and tear which then allows the disc to bulge through the opening left by the torn ligaments. This is what is known as a disc herniation or bulge. If the disc bulges far enough it can then touch the nerves that sit next to those ligaments and create pain, tingling, numbness and/or loss of muscle strength-this is what is known as a pinched nerve. This condition can be extremely painful but just like any other part of the body, if you allow it to heal it will. You just need to know how to stop aggravating this condition. I want you to imagine this, if you cut your knee and then kept your knee from bending for a week or so it would heal and you would be fine again right? However, if you were continuing to bend your cut knee you would continue to break open the tissues that were trying to mend the area and your knee would still be painful and injured. The injury would not be allowed to heal because you continually aggravated the condition known as a ‘cut on your knee’ from bending it and re-opening the cut. Your neck is exactly the same! If you continually aggravate your neck each day, continually injure your neck each and every day your neck will never get a chance to heal. This is exactly what happens when you remain in the forward head posture! If you continue to sit and stand and carry on your daily tasks with a forward head posture you will continue to have pain-no ifs buts or maybes. Don’t just take my word for it, remember what the Mayo clinic states on their health letter volume 18 , no. 3 in MARCH 2000 ‘ the effects of a long term forward neck posture leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniations and pinched nerves’. When your ears are above your shoulders the laws of physics and gravity are back on your side. Your head is supported above your neck not in front of it. Your head should sit on your neck like a golf ball on a tee. If you do not do this you have not removed one of the major causes of your neck pain so it will continually be sore. There is not enough massage or adjustments in this world to keep you pain free if you hurt your neck for hours every day.
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