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Neck exercises for a stiff neck-what you must do

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If you have a stiff neck and have decided to embark on an exercise program to ease those tired aching muscles here is what you must and must not do. Let’s say for example that you have just done my exercises to fix your pinched nerve but still have some residual stiffness. You can do exercises such as rotating your head from side to side slowly and if you like, you can also gently press your head further into that direction once you get to your end range. This is called overpressure. Once you have rotated your head as far as it will go comfortably you can put your hand on your cheekbone and very gently press to rotate your head a little more. Make sure you do not force. This is a simple and effective way to gain more range of motion. Press on your cheekbone not on your jawbone to avoid upsetting your TMJ joints.

What you must do is keep your head slightly retracted throughout this exercise. Do not allow your head to go into a forward head position. You should already know how damaging the forward head posture is by now, if not I implore you to read my article ‘ the major cause of neck pain’ because the last thing you want to do is have good postural habits throughout the day and then go and wreck it when you do your exercises!

Another good exercise to do is to do what is known as lateral flexion. The easiest way to remember this is ‘try to touch your ear to your shoulder’. A common problem people have with this exercise is that they turn their heads slightly when doing this. This is because you gain a little more range or motion but in my class this is know as cheating. Therefore, a good idea is to check you are doing this one correctly by doing it in the mirror. Keep your nose facing forwards.
The same goes for this exercise as for the one above, you must have your head in good alignment, ears over your shoulders. Do not allow your ears to come in front of your shoulders or you start to regress into the forward head position again. Remember, every inch your ears are forward of your shoulders creates another 10 lbs of weight for your neck to carry.

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