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neck pain and arthritis

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When it comes to suffering from neck pain and you have arthritis there are many things that you can do to help this. Firstly, the good news is that there is virtually no link between the amount of pain and the amount of arthritis. In other words, some people can be riddled with arthritis and be pain free whereas another person may have small degenerative changes and suffer greatly.

One thing to keep in mind is that the pain may not even be from your arthritic changes. An x-ray or MRI can show the surgeons or doctors the extent of damage but that is basically where it ends. They cannot tell you exactly where the pain is coming from. They can only make educated guesses. Every day of the year people have MRI’s and X-rays and they see disc bulges, degenerative changes and arthritis and the people are pain free. So please don’t despair if you have arthritis in your neck just yet. Another example of this is where people have back or neck surgery and still have pain afterwards. The surgeon has removed what was thought to be the offending structure but still the pain remained.

The largest single factor in neck pain is posture and in particular, the forward head posture.

If you have bad posture you are on a fast track to developing degenerative joint disease. A forward head posture puts the facet joints in the upper neck into increased extension and the lower cervicals into increased flexion. The lower cervicals then run the risk of disc herniations and pinched nerves and the upper cervicals of facet joint pain and both will suffer from muscular and ligament pains. Therefore, if you have degenerative changes occurring in your neck I suggest you fix your posture and there is a very good chance of your pain lessening if not disappearing completely.

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