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Neck pain when looking up

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Look-up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s-my neck hurting again!

Many people have pain when they have to look upwards and others lose this range of motion when they hurt their necks. It is very easy to fix. The major problem is that people tend to crane their neck which puts enormous stresses on the structures of the neck. When you look skywards rather than sticking your chin out and having your head in a forwards head posture you should retract your head slightly before you look up. This will start saving your neck and be a much healthier way of gazing at the stars.

If you don’t do this slight retraction movement before you look upwards you keep grinding the facet joints and soft tissues which continually hurt your neck. A perfect example of this is a tradesman such as a painter. A person who paints walls on houses continually has to look up and if he cranes his neck to do so he will (if he is not already) get neck pain.

Remember rule number 1, if your ears are in front of your shoulders you are going to damage your neck. Your ears MUST be vertically above your shoulders to be in good postural position. As I have mentioned before, every inch your ears move in front of your shoulders places an extra 10 lbs of weights on your head for your neck. If they are not, you will remain in neck pain. Sure you may be better for certain periods but it’s just like the cousin you are not fond of, neck pain will appear when you least expect it. That’s for certain!

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