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The major cause of neck pain

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It doesn’t matter if you have the best pillow on the market, the best mattress, do your exercises regularly, go to yoga and Pilates, get chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture, heat packs, cold packs, TENS  machine, ultrasounds or have the best ergonomic chair money can buy-if you have a FHP you have not removed the cause of your neck pain.

This is why you have tried various methods to remove your neck pain in the past and have had some successes but your neck pain returns. You have good days or good weeks and bad days or weeks. You remain on the constant merry go round of recurrent bouts of neck pain. Or perhaps you are even more unfortunate and you are in constant pain.

An FHP Ladies and gentlemen is the forward head posture. You cannot possibly have a forward head posture and be pain free. The famous Mayo clinic reports that a long term forward head posture leads to ‘muscle strains in the neck, disc herniations and pinched nerves’. But it gets worse, much much worse…

Your ear should sit vertically above your shoulder from a side on position. But listen to this, every inch forward your ear moves in front of your shoulder you create an extra 10 pounds of weight for your neck! So if you are slouched at the computer or when you are driving or eating or reading and have your head in a forward position of 2 inches in front of your ears which is very common, you have created and extra 20 pounds of weight for your neck to support! That means, as far as your neck is concerned, your head now weighs the equivalent of about 28 to 30 pounds. Is no wonder your neck hurts. As you can see, it doesn’t matter what treatments or pillows you have if you spend hours sitting, walking and standing with a forward head posture- the forces are just too great for your poor neck. Sooner or later something will give- and this is exactly what happens. This is one the great mysteries as to why you keep having neck pain.