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Exercise for Neck Pain

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I have written a lot about exercises for neck pain but here is what the scientists at Princeton University discovered. Now this is notexactly about doing exercises for your neck to ease pain. It’s about doing exercise for your neck to ease pain. Confused? You won’t be for long I assure you.

Thanks to some very diligent scientists at the Princeton University and a handful of rats we have discovered something very remarkable about exercise and how it affects your ability to handle stress. You probably already know that if you are stressed it’s good to go for a walk or run and kind of ‘run it out’  and you may even be aware that getting to a certain level of exertion produces higher levels of your endorphins( your body’s feel good chemicals) that gives you what is known as a ‘runners high’. It’s also one of the reasons that people get addicted to running or going to the gym and get cranky if they don’t get their daily workout because they are missing their ‘endorphin fix’.

However, back to stress, neck, rats and our bunch of Princeton scientists because they have found that by exercising you can actually help fortify yourselves against stress.

Here’s the scoop:

A short while ago at the annual meeting of the society for neuroscience in Chicago a very happy and proud bunch of scientists couldn’t help themselves from telling the audience of their finding. And quite rightly so I say. They reported that they had two groups of rats and with one of the groups they made them exercise each day and the other group were allowed to just kind of laze about on sofas and watch Oprah (or something like that) and what they discovered was that-oh wait a minute, I forgot one thing-then they plunged both groups of rats into icy cold water. Which apparently rats find quite stressful, and they noticed that the brain cells of both groups responded differently. All of the rats in the slothenly group were-to put it rather matter of factly-FREAKED OUT! The other group of rats who had been exercising did not. As a matter of fact, they had what was termed as ‘molecularly and biochemically calm brains.

In other words, the first group who got dunked were yelling and screaming “its cold, its cold-get us out of here!!” whilst the other group were kind of like “hmmm. refreshing.” You get my drift?

Somehow, the exercise buffered the neurons against stress. All joking aside, this is pretty amazing. I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t want to have some sort of ‘super protection’ against stress and its effects. Sure of course we have all known about the effects of exercises and its ability to decrease our levels of anxiety but we have never known the mechanisms behind it other than some loosely postulated theories. Well, thanks to some brave little rodents we now have a much better understanding.

Exercises remodel the neurons to buffer them against stressful states. It literally builds our resistance to stress. A bit like how we want a strong immune system to fight off colds and flu’s, exercise it seems helps us fend off stress better.

There also seemed to be a certain time period where this effect happened. They exercised a group of rats for 3 weeks and they didn’t get the ‘stress super protector brain armor’ but once they exercised for about 4-5 weeks the effects became noticeable.

Therefore, those of you who have large amounts of stress or even small amounts I suggest that (apart from all of the other wonderful benefits of doing exercise in regards to pain, immune system strength, overall health etc) you stop reading this and get those gym clothes on! It’s time to decrease your stress levels and get your neurons buffered!

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