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Driving and Neck Pain- an Easy Fix

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He was driving his car and suddenly ‘out of the blue’ he experienced neck pain radiating across both shoulder and into the base of his neck. “How can this be?” my client asked. I then said to him, I bet it was raining too. He said yes it was and really hard too. I know, I said. How do you know he asked me?

My client however, was unconvinced that it could be so simple so I asked him to sit up tall to put his lower back and neck into a good postural position and his neck pain started subsiding. I then told him to sit in the position he was in when he was driving trying to peer through the windscreen ion the driving rain. And guess what, his pain came back in his neck and across his shoulders.

I asked him if he suffers from neck pain when he works at the computer. He said yes always but he thought it was from stress. I asked him to stop slouching over his desk and computer, put a towel rolled up behind his lower back and get into the habit of ‘sitting tall’. Only then would he know whether the pain was stress related or postural. Of course, I already knew his answer when he came back to see me 3 days later.

When I saw him sitting in the waiting room he was not sitting in his seat looking like he had just melted into the sofa like he was the previous visit. He was sitting up. Sitting tall actually. He told me that he had been doing the exercises I gave him and had been very diligent about sitting up straight. And guess what, he did not have pain in his neck when he worked at the computer. He had put a little sticker on his screen that said ‘sit tall’ to remind him and had also asked his colleagues to remind him if they caught him slouching. He did the neck exercises 2-3 times a day to counteract the amount of hours he worked at the computer with his head looking at the keys and he couldn’t believe the difference.

As I told him, it’s easy to fix neck pain when you remove the causes.

By the way, he was pain free without any treatments other than postural correction and corrective neck exercises. Yes it is that easy!  For more on this see my DVD when it comes out to learn all of the causes and how to fix them quickly and easily.

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