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Neck Pain and Headaches

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Are you suffering neck pain because of your headaches or headaches because of your neck pain? Here is an easy way to find out.

Let’s address your neck pain first. It is absolutely vital that you address the major causes of your neck pain so that you can give your neck a fighting chance to heal. If you are hurting and aggravating your neck each and every day in every little way you will most definitely be suffering from neck pain. If you sit and stand for prolonged periods of time during the day with a forward head posture this will not only give you neck pain (guaranteed) but also can produce headaches most commonly at the back of the head and above your eye. These are by the way, easy to fix.

When you sit and stand with a forward head posture you ask an enormous amount from the structures of your neck. Every inch your ear moves in front of the top of your shoulder you start creating huge forces on your neck. Every inch from the central position creates an extra 10 lbs of stress on your neck! I would expect many of you who are reading this slouched over your laptop or computers are in the vicinity of 2-3 inches forward translation.This means you are asking your necks to hold up a 30lb weight (your head) for hours at a time. This strains the soft tissues and can create trigger points which refer pain.

Trigger points in your muscles at the back of your head and neck can produce headaches. Muscles do not like to be in sustained contraction. Imagine if I asked you to hold your arm out to the side at shoulder height and then I tied a 20 lb bag of potatoes around your wrist. The strain on your shoulder would be unbearable within minutes (or seconds for most). However, you ask exactly this of your neck muscles day after day after day as you slouch over your bowl of soup, slouch in your chair at the computer, and spend countless hours reading driving and texting people with your head in a forward position.

This is your first port of call. To remove your neck pain you must remove the forward head posture. Not only will this allow your neck to start to heal but it will also stop your neck from hurting and may very well stop your headaches!

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If you are suffering from headaches it can also produce neck pain because of the suffering produced by being in pain. Having headaches can be very debilitating and stressful. This in itself can wind up the muscles in your neck. So what should you do?

I suggest you do exactly what I have written about above. If your headaches are coming from your neck you will stop your headaches and this in turn will stop your neck pain.