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Whiplash Accidents-Your most important protection against them

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How do you protect yourself against whiplash?

Whiplash can occur at less than 10mph and the forces can be up to 15G. Whiplash can do major damage so the best thing you can do is to protect yourself against it.

The most important part of your car to protect your neck from whiplash is your head restraint. It’s often called a headrest which is probably why we don’t think of it as much more than just something to rest our heads against when we are tired and waiting for the lights to change. However, this little thing behind your head is vital in protecting your neck. The height is vital and also is the distance it is from the back of your head.

If you have the head restraint too far away from your head your percentages of getting a whiplash injury go up enormously. This is because if you are hit from behind the head restraint is far away it cannot do its job. Likewise, if your head restraint is too low your head will snap right over the top of it.

Before you drive in your car the next time make sure you check the position of your head restraint. If not, you could be very sorry. An easy way to check is that your head restraint should be no more than 4 finger widths from the back of your head.

The top of a head restraint should reach at least as high as the top of your ear.

Drive Safely.