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A Quick Test for your Neck Pain

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yours truly explaining the major cause of neck pain

If you are reading this it’s because you suffer from neck pain and you will see in this quick test EXACTLY WHY you have neck pain and HOW to get rid of it. Neck pain is easy to fix. You will also know the answers to these questions:

  • Why does my neck hurt?
  • Why is my neck tense all of the time?
  • Why do I have knots in my back?
  • Why do I have neck pain?
  • Why do neck pain exercises and stretches only work temporarily?
  •  Why do I continually suffer from neck pain?
  • Why do I have constant bouts of recurrent neck pain?
  •  Why am I good for a while and then suddenly wake up and can’t turn my neck?

And, I will bet that it’s not the first time you have had neck pain.

In fact, I will guarantee you that if you are reading this you either suffer from recurrent bouts of neck pain or constant neck pain. That is, you either are good for a while( perhaps after having some treatments, painkillers, anti-inflammatories or ‘just waiting it out’) or you are in constant pain 24-7

Do this test standing or sitting.

Sit or stand up straight. Now, I want you to slowly slouch forward rounding your upper back. This should be very easy for you because if you have neck pain this will be something you do on a daily basis. What you will find is that once you have rounded your spine your head will go forward. This is the forward head position which is the major cause of your neck pain. However, when you round your spine your head ends up looking down to the ground (about six feet in front of you) but in order to see what you are doing such as walking down the street without bumping into people you adjust your head to look forward. In other words to see where you are going you extend your neck to get your sight line back to horizontal.

In order to do this you have to contract your neck muscles. Hour after hour after hour. Think about having to contract your biceps muscles in your arm for hours. Imagine if I asked you to grab a 10lb weight( about the weight of your head) and hold it in your hand with your arm bent as if you were about to do a bicep curl. Now hold it in that position for hours.

I don’t need to tell you that your arm muscle would be incredibly sore after a short while and would probably remain sore for a few days afterwards.

This is exactly what you ask of your neck muscles!

Your neck pain, tension and knots are being caused by you holding your head forwards and extended each and every day.

So if you continue to do this and continue to get treatments you are continuing to throw your money away. Sure, you feel better after your treatments for a while but just like before, your neck pain will come back. You must remove the cause.

How are you sitting right now? Are you slouched over your computer or laptop? Or are you sitting tall?

When you have a forward head posture( just like the picture of the neanderthal man in my other post) you not only create huge forces on your neck muscles, but also on your ligaments, discs and spine.

If you stop this you will no longer need to be searching out your nearest chiropractor for joint subluxations, trigger point therapist for your trigger point related muscle pains and headaches nor your rolfer, your sports massage therapist or your deep tissue masseur for your painful knots in your back because you will not have them. You will have removed the causes.

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