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A note about Sharks Cartilage for joint Pain

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Joint supplements

When it comes to helping your joints and their health there are a few things that you can do to help them. You may have heard of the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These are two substances that are in your cartilage and synovial fluid so these may help by taking these to supplement your joints. The word i want you to focus on is MAY.

They can be great at helping some people and do nothing for others. This goes the same for all things. We are different and have different problems so beware of the person that wants to sell you the ‘this fixes everything from A-Z’ pill, lotion or potion, gimmick or gizmo. We have all seen them and heard them praising the miracle cures that their particular machine, pill, lotion, potion, wand, herb, vitamins or tincture does.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely wonderful things out there on the market which can have sometimes seemingly miraculous results but there is no ‘cure-all-magic-lotion-cream-potion’ out there. If there was we would all be using it. Just like your neck pain, the causes MUST be addressed.

If you have arthritis and continue to sit and stand with a forward head posture you are not only putting enormous stresses on your soft tissues of your necks but also are jamming up your upper cervical joints and putting abnormal loads on your lower cervical joints. Your spine is fighting to hold its poor position and that is the most common reason for neck pain, whether you suffer from arthritis or not! A cream or anti-inflammatories are only ever going to give you  temporary at best and that is exactly why you suffer from either constant pain or intermittent pain. Address the cause of your neck pain and only then can you ever hope to be pain free permanently.

Let’s use an example:

Bob suffers from calf cramps. His uncle Ted tells Bob that he knows the answer for him. He has a liniment he bought from a person down the pub which worked wonders on his calves( this is true because Teds problem was because his particular calf cramps were due to excessive tightness in his muscles.) So going on the recommendation of his Uncle Ted(and the person at the pub claiming that it fixes everything from cramps to Chlamydia) he spends $20 on the wonder cream. However, unbeknown to Bob, his cramping problem was actually due to a magnesium deficiency. All the liniment in the world wouldn’t have FIXED Bob’s calf cramps because he has not been able to remove the cause- a simple magnesium supplement would have done wonders.

His cousin Tracey was also suffering from cramps so she spent $20 on a bottle of ‘miracle cream’ but because her cramps were due to the diuretic medications she was taking the cream did not fix her problem either. The causes of their problems were not addressed.

Oh and while I am on the subject, please be especially wary of the multi-level marketer who has everything to fix everything as well. These people tend to get hooked into a multi level marketing get rich quick campaign and suddenly become health experts touting all kinds of miracles their products can do( which is normally fix every ailment that you complain of- you name it and they have the product to fix it).

The lesson here is to address the causes of your pains. When it comes to neck pain the major causes are easy to fix. Save thousands of your hard earnt money by addressing the causes of your problem and you will not be needing your chiropractor or massage therapist every week anymore. I guarantee you.