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Whiplash Injuries-what NOT TO DO in the 1st 3 months after an accident

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When it comes to whiplash injuries you need to do the correct rehab as quickly as possible. A part of doing the correct things is making sure you don’t do incorrect things. Here is an exerpt from the MAA in Australia from their research-based booklet on the best treatments, neck exercises and things that they recommmend you do not do in the first 3 months after a whiplash injury.

Here they are:

Cervical pillows

The use of commercially-made contoured pillows is not recommended as

there is no evidence to prove their usefulness.

Bed rest

A period of bed rest is not recommended for people with WAD

Grade 1. People with WAD Grades 2 and 3 should not have bed

rest for more than four days.



The use of a collar, sometimes called a neck brace, should not be

prescribed for WAD. If they are prescribed, they should not be used

for more than 48 hours.

Spray and stretch

Spraying the muscle with a cold spray followed by muscle stretching

is not recommended. There is no evidence this technique works.

Steroid injections

Injecting steroids are not recommended for WAD Grades 1 and 2. Steroid

injections may be used for WAD Grade 3. Repeated steroid injections

may cause harm.

Injections of local anaesthetic or sterile water

The injection of local anaesthetic or sterile water into nearby nerves

is not recommended in the early stages of WAD.

Magnetic necklaces

Wearing a magnetic necklace is not recommended. There is no evidence

to prove their usefulness.

Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique,

massage and homeopathy

These techniques are not recommended for the first 12 weeks.

There is no evidence to show they work during this period.