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Your Neck Pain Exercises Tip

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Dont Sit with your lap top on top of your lap.

One of the fastest ways to not only get neck pain but also back pain is to sit like this. If you do you will be sitting with your spine in a poor postural position. You are sitting slouched over your computer looking down into your screen. You will be sitting without retaining your inward arch in your lower back. This will mean that your are sitting with a big C curve in your spine which will produce not only neck pain but also back pain.

Remember, unless you remove the causes of your neck pain( and back pain for that matter) you can never hope to be pain free.

Put your lap top up on a table or something higher so that the screen is a eye level. If the screen is too low there is no way you will be able to see your screen and have good posture. This simple postural adjustment will help your back and neck enormously. I guarantee you.