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3 Great ways to treat Tension Headaches

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Here are 3 ways to help treat those dreaded tension headaches.

It might sound paradoxical at first, but this is very effective in relieving tension headache.

Try to soak your feet in hot water to get relief from tension headache. By drawing blood to your feet, the hot-water foot bath will help in easing pressure on the blood vessels in the head. Pressure on the blood vessels in the head following a contraction of the muscles in the head and neck is the primary reason for tension headache, and this technique, without medication, might do just that – ease the pressure on the blood vessels.

If you cannot find hot water for soaking your feet, you might use a hot compress on your forehead or at the back of your neck. Since the contraction of muscles causes headache, this hot compress might help in relaxing the contracted muscles and provide instant relief to you from the tension headache.

You can even try the other way round, as well. Contraction of the muscles causes the blood vessels You can wrap a couple of ice cubes, and apply it as a cold compress on your forehead. Cold constricts the blood vessels, and, whey they shrink, they stop exerting pressure on the sensitive nerves, and, as such, you might get relief from the headache instantly to exert pressure on the sensitive nerves and this pressure causes headache.

One more thing one can try to get relieved from tension headache is to soak his or her hand in iced water for as long as one can bear it. When the hands are submerged in water, it is advisable to repeatedly open and close the fists. This simple trick will help in getting relief, as the cold dilates blood vessels and relieves the pressure on the nerves.

Finally a note worth remembering is that trigger points in the back of the neck create headaches at the base of the skull and also across the side of the head and into the eye. This is easily helped by removing the cause that is creating the trigger points.

Check out these to get a better understanding of why you are suffering from not only headaches but also neck pain. Fix the cause and like magic, you will fix your pains. ( remember, the pains are a symptom not a cause)