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How to fix your neck pain without going broke in the process

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Neckache is commonly misunderstood. I will show you just how easy it is to fix neck ache without having to get numerous treatments, without hours of stretching and without pain killers or surgery.

I am also going to show you why getting treatments or doing exercises for your neck ache is generally a fruitless pursuit. You can seek out the purported best neck exercises but none of these will give you anything more than temporary relief at best.I am going to  explain to you why you have been suffering from either  recurrent bouts of pain or constant pain and what you must do to become pain free permanently. This is not something magical, it has nothing to do with gimmicks or gadgets, it is simply about physics, the laws of gravity and your body mechanics. This is the answer to removing your neck ache. It is simple and straighforward and will make perfect common sense to you.

Firstly: No amount of Treatments,  anti-inflammatories, exercises for your neck ache, yoga classes, Pilates, TENS, Ultrasound, osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massages or stretches will ever keep your neck pain free permanently if you do not remove the causes.

You must first remove the causes of your neck pain!

Let me show you just how ridiculous it would be to expect otherwise-and unfortunately, this is exactly what millions of people do every day throughout the world.

If you hit your thumb with a hammer each and every day would you expect acupuncture, chiropractic,  massages, prolotherapy or any other treatments for that matter to fix your pain?

Of course not. You know that unless you stop hitting your thumb with a hammer every day, can you ever hope to be out of pain. You must remove the cause-hitting your thumb with a hammer. Otherwise, if you were to get treatments for this you would be throwing your money down the drain right?

Imagine this ridiculous situation: you hit your thumb with a hammer and go to a therapist and he does some work on your thumb and it feels a bit better. He tells you to come back in 3 days for more treatment. You pay him for the treatment.

You get back into your car and grab a hammer from the glovebox and hit your thumb with a hammer.You arrive home and hit your thumb with another hammer  several more times and whilst watching TV that night you give your thumb a few good old whacks again.

When it’s time to go to sleep your thumb is very sore, you have however invested in a super soft contoured pillow to put your thumb on to make it easier to sleep. This helps somewhat, its not great but its better than a normal pillow.

You get up in the morning make a coffee, turn on your computer and ‘whacko’, start  belting your thumb with your hammer again.

Each day you do this same routine.

Then by the time 3 days comes around its time to see the therapist. Your thumb of course is very sore . He does some treatment again and recommends that you come 3 times a week for the next 3 months.

Well, you know that you dont need treatments. You just need to stop hitting your thumb with a hammer. This will remove the cause of your pain and you will then be fine once your thumb has a chance to heal. You have then removed the cause of your pain rather than going to see a therapist and paying thousands of dollars to have nothing more than your symptoms treated.

Well, guess what. This is exactly what happens to millions of people with neck ache each and every single day. If you have not addressed the major causes of your neck ache and removed them you are doing exactly the same as the person hitting his thumb with a hammer. You are paying your hard earned dollars to your therapist to treat your symptoms whilst still causing your neck to hurt.

You MUST remove the cause of your neck ache.  So lets have a look at what is the major cause of neck pain