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Neck Exercises for disc bulges and pinched nerves.

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The forward head posture

The number one cause of  neck pain and disc bulges is the forward head posture. Your head weighs 8-10 lbs and when you sit and stand poorly you put enormous stresses on your neck structures( muscles, discs, tendons and capsules). In fact, if you sit and stand in correct posture your head should be sitting on top of your shoulders very much like a golf ball sits on top of a tee.

However, when you start to sit forward( ie slouchat the computer) you then require your muscles,  tendons and other parts of your back and neck to ‘hold you up ‘against gravity. This is not only fatigues your muscles  but also produces pain. This is why the mayo clinic states that ‘prolonged forward head posture leads to long term muscle strains, disc herniations and pinched nerves’.

This is also why getting treatments or doing stretches or taking pain killers or even having surgery is ridiculous if you dont remove the major cause to your neck pain.

One of the major reasons that people who have had back surgery require more back surgery later on is because they never removed the causes that damaged their backs in the first place.

Imagine this, you spend all day slouched in front of a computer and this causes great strains on your discs. Then your disc finally gives way and herniates(bulges) and presses on a nerve. This then causes you immense pain and or weakness and or numbness in your arm and or hand. You go to a surgeon and he tells you to take some muscle relaxants and some painkillers. You do this and it gives you some temporary relief however you continue to slouch at your computer, whilst driving your car and when you read your favorite book in bed at night. The discs are still continually being forced backwards towards the nerve again.

After your ten day course of drugs from the surgeon you feel reasonably well( if your’e lucky) but another week goes by and your problem comes back again. Why? because you continued to slouch and sit and stand with a forward head posture and thus continued to exacerbate your problem.

However, you are not told that the forward head posture is the cause of your disc protrusions and pinched nerve. You are scheduled for surgery because the numbness has become worse and the pain is now also much worse.

Your sleep is also badly affected. You buy pillows to help your neck but of course it is nothing more than a bandaid because the majority of damage is being done during the day because of your poor posture.

You spend thousands of dollars on chiropractic, massage and acupuncture treatments and never get anything more than temporary relief at best. Why? The cause has still not been addressed.

You finally commit to surgery. However, even after surgery you have not been told that the forward head posture is the main cause of neck pain. You have no guarantee that the surgery will make you better, it could even make you worse.

What if i was to tell you that by using good postural habits and doing two simple exercises you could say goodbye to your neck pain. Not only that, but you will also remain pain free if you continue to do these simple steps. Yes it is that easy.

Only by removing the causes of your neck pain, disc bulges and pinched nerves and by doing very specific exercises can you hope to remove your pain and symptoms.

The best exercises to do for neck pain and especially disc bulges and pinched nerves are the McKenzie Neck exercises