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Great Feedback from a Neck Pain sufferer

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Its great to get feedback from time to time. Here is some feedback from a person who suffered from not only chronic neck pain but also severe hedaches. He did the exercises from my site and has now bought the DVD and he even bought the pillow that is recommended on my site. If  you suffer from headaches or neck pain look through the site, it is packed with information on how to help your neck pain, how to fix your disc bulges and pinched nerves and shows you how to fix your causes of your neck pain. If you would like to know even more then feel free to get my DVD, it comes with a 65 page free ebook packed full of all the information you are ever likely to need.
Hey Mark
Just wanted to let you know I got your DVD yesterday – still have to find time to watch it without interruption !!  And I got the pillow today, just had a quick lie down with it and it seems awesome so far !  Can’t wait to sleep on it tonight !
Thanks heaps !!!!!
I have been great, still doing the exercises daily, but not as often as I was doing them – I guess when you are in pain it is a reminder to do them often but when you are feeling good you don’t remember to do them as often ?  I will get back onto it though.
One thing I wanted to ask, might be on the DVD( yes it is on the dvd) but how long should I keep doing the exercises ?  I was talking to both my masseuse and osteo and they both mentioned not to go too hard on those stretches or not to do them longer than 6 weeks ?  To me it is working and you are the one who has been the key so I will listen to you.  I think I have improved heaps, in saying that I had a headache yesterday a little but I am back to watching my posture more closely and doing the exercises more often.
Thanks again, hoping to be one of your biggest fans and most positive testimonials !!