Neck Pain Exercises-treat your own neck pain by using the best neck exercises and learn which are the worst for your neck.

Neck Pain-the 13 best ways to help it.

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If you want to have a  healthy, pain free flexible neck make sure you are doing all or at least most of these:

1.    Have good posture all day every day- sit tall and stand tall

I have written about this a lot and if you dont understand this point you are fighting a losing battle. Its number 1 in my list because it is the most important thing to do for your neck. Your posture is vital to a healthy neck, without good posture you can forget about ever having a permanently pain free neck

  1. 2.    Do the neck exercise and trigger point work from the DVD 2-3 times a day especially if you are looking down a lot(like sewing) and every hour if you have pain.
  1. 3.    Remember that the exercises are to help you attain good posture by loosening your tight muscles.

Make sure you remain in good posture rather than doing the stretches and going straight back to slouching. 5 minutes of exercises per day will never fix 8 hours of slouching over a computer a day!

  1. 4.    If you are tight through your neck and shoulders do the ‘I dunno’ xercise and ‘great neck/back combo’ stretch.

Here are two great neck and shoulder release stretches to use whenever you find yourself tight throughout your upper back and shoulders


  1. 5.    Look at your computer not into it.

This is a handy little mental reminder. You will see people all day looking INTO their computers. They slouch over their laptops and PC’s with a forward head posture doing damage to their necks all day and night. It is a sure way to continue a life of neck pain.

  1. 6.    Make sure your computer screen is high enough and if using a laptop either get a remote keyboard or remote screen especially if your typing is poor and you need to look at the keys a lot- Do not have your laptop on top of your lap!

You can never hope to have a pain free neck if your workstation is poor ergonomically. Lift your screen up to eye level, make sure your screen is in front of you-not to one side and for goodness sake please don’t work with your laptop on top of your lap


  1. 7.    If you use a computer a lot learn to touch type so that you can avoid looking down at your keyboard

If you do spend hours at the computer it will help your neck a lot if you don’t have to look down at the keys as much so brush up on your typing skills-it will make a big difference not only to your neck but also to your work as well


  1. 8.    Don’t read in bed with many pillows behind your head pushing it forward

One of the worst things people do to their necks is push their heads forwards with pillows to read their books before bed. It jams the head into a position of strain again( forward head position). Wedge the pillows from your lower back upwards to create one big support as opposed to just pushing your head forward.

9. Sleep with your head and neck well supported and in neutral position-Do not sleep on your stomach.

Remember the golden rule when it comes to choosing a pillow and sleeping. Your  neck must be well supported and your head should be in neutral position whether you are on your side or back. And don’t sleep on your stomach!


10. Think of your head on your shoulders like a golf ball that sits on top of a tee

Another handy mental image to remember. Make sure gravity is on your side. As soon as your ears go forward of the central position you create excessive strain on your neck. Every inch your ears are in front of the centre point of your shoulders creates an extra 10lbs of weight on your neck!

11. Don’t wedge the phone between your ear and shoulder-buy a headset if you have to be on the phone a lot

This should be obvious but its not. I even see the girls in our clinic doing this. If you spend time wedging your phone between your ear whilst typing or doing other tasks you will be on a fast track to neck pain and headaches. That’s a promise!

12. Vision.

One of the most common reasons that people end up in a forward head posture is that they can’t read the text properly or they can’t see well enough when they are driving. If you can’t see properly get glasses or if you already use them, get them checked.


13. Take regular breaks

Even with the best posture your neck and lower back for that matter needs a break. Make sure you get up from your desk every 30-40 minutes and do some gentle mobilisations and/or stretches.

If you do the above your neck will not only feel much better but it will remain much better. Your upper back will feel less tense and your shoulders problems may magically disappear. You may also have less headaches and more energy (pain is draining). You will feel better emotionally, be happier and have a much better quality of life.

An enormous weight will be lifted off your shoulders-that weight used to be your head!

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