Neck Pain Exercises-treat your own neck pain by using the best neck exercises and learn which are the worst for your neck.

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What causes a pinched nerve in the Neck? And how to fix it!

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What causes a pinched nerve in the Neck? And how to fix it!

What is a pinched nerve?
A pinched nerve can also be referred to as a herniated, slipped disc, bulging disc, ruptured disc or even degenerative disc disease. They’re all essentially the same, just depends on who you talk to. The most common terms are bulging or herniated disc.

In real terms, a pinched nerve needn’t have to be associated with a disc – a muscle or other structures can pinch a nerve as well. Classic examples of this are seen in conditions such as piriformis syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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The Best and Worst Neck Pain Exercises

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Welcome to Neck Pain a blog that teaches you how to fix your own neck pain

You are going to learn the best and absolute worst for your neck pain and i will explain exactly why this is.

What I am also going to teach you in this blog is not only how you can fix your own neck pain but also, more importantly,  why you keep having neck pain in the first place. This, as you will see,  is the key to fixing your neck pain!

The majority of neck pain sufferers can help their neck pain both quickly and easily.

My name is Mark Perren-jones and I have been treating people with neck pain for the past 20 years throughout the world.

I have seen thousands of people in my clinic over the past twenty years  suffering from arthritis,  chronic and acute neck pain, whiplash, pinched nerves and even disc bulges and I want to say this again-The overwhelming majority of people can relieve, reduce and/or remove their neck pain easily once they know how.

I am also going to teach you why massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, pilates and many other forms of treatments or therapies have had at best temporary effects.

You have probably been good whilst you have had treatments (if you were lucky) but are back in pain again. Or maybe you have had a constant dull aching pain that hasn’t been able to be relieved from treatments and classes alone. Or perhaps you are reading this for the first time because today you woke up and have a crick in your neck and can’t reverse out of the driveway because you can’t turn your neck.

Some other really important stuff i will teach you:

  • why some exercises will make your problem worse
  • why you suffer from neck pain and how to fix it
  • what to look for when buying a pillow( and why buying a good pillow is only a bandaid and not going to fix your pain completely)
  • what is good posture and why sitting up ‘straight’ is not what you want to do
  • why you get neck pain at the computer and when driving and how to fix it
  • and much more..

OK, now lets get to the nuts and bolts of your problems. Click Below

Neck Pain, Painkillers and your Mercedes Car

OR,  to learn my Secrets to having a Pain Free Neck and Upper Back in just minutes click Here 

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A Neck Exercise for computer operators

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Here is a great neck  exercise to help you if you have to work at the computer. Obviously, as we have spoken about before  you will need to maintain proper posture at all times but this will also be a wonderful adjunct. As matter of fact, you can do this anytime not just when you have been at the computer. It feels great!

  • Stand upright and put your right hand behind your back trying to touch your left buttock
  • Tilt your head to the left trying to touch your left ear to your left shoulder. keep your head straight( you may want to do this in front to a mirror first to see that you are doing it
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Neck Pain, Painkillers and your Luxury Car

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When it comes to neck pain or any pain for that matter and you go to see your doctor he will normally spend an hour or so with you. He will give you some massage for about twenty minutes, heat packs to ease muscular tension, talk to you about your posture and the effect it has on neck pain, show you how to do some self myofacial release techniques to ease neck pain and give you a whole host of other information about how you can remove the causes of your neck pain to help you become Pain free.

Yeah right.

If you are reading this and have seen a doctor for your neck pain I will almost guarantee you that this is how your visit went:

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Why do you have Neck Pain?

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 First of all I want you to know that neck and upper back pain are generally easy to fix. By learning why you are having pain in the first place we can then set about teaching you how to fix your pain and prevent it from happening in the future. Sound simple? It is.

The next time you have a look around an office building, a building site, a school, and a bus stop, on a train or wherever. You will see people slouching in their seats, slouching over their computers, lifting with bent backs and doing a wide range of daily tasks using bad posture.  These same people will also more than likely be suffering from back, neck and/or shoulder pain (or all three). They may have constant pain or suffer from ongoing bouts of recurrent pain.  They will probably then go to get treatment from a chiropractor, a physiotherapist or a masseur or if these don’t work perhaps an acupuncturist. They may try a yoga class, or the gym or Pilates and try to strengthen and stretch their muscles only to find that their pain comes back. How can this be they ask? The great mystery really is no mystery. As I have mentioned before, treating your own neck pain and making sure it does not come back is easy, you just need to know how. The vast majority of neck pain is from poor posture! If you continue to slouch at your chairs, or at the computer, or whilst you eat, or continue to lift poorly or stand poorly you will not have removed the cause of your pain and thus remain in pain.

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