Neck Pain Exercises-treat your own neck pain by using the best neck exercises and learn which are the worst for your neck.

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Why do you have Neck Pain?

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 First of all I want you to know that neck and upper back pain are generally easy to fix. By learning why you are having pain in the first place we can then set about teaching you how to fix your pain and prevent it from happening in the future. Sound simple? It is.

The next time you have a look around an office building, a building site, a school, and a bus stop, on a train or wherever. You will see people slouching in their seats, slouching over their computers, lifting with bent backs and doing a wide range of daily tasks using bad posture.  These same people will also more than likely be suffering from back, neck and/or shoulder pain (or all three). They may have constant pain or suffer from ongoing bouts of recurrent pain.  They will probably then go to get treatment from a chiropractor, a physiotherapist or a masseur or if these don’t work perhaps an acupuncturist. They may try a yoga class, or the gym or Pilates and try to strengthen and stretch their muscles only to find that their pain comes back. How can this be they ask? The great mystery really is no mystery. As I have mentioned before, treating your own neck pain and making sure it does not come back is easy, you just need to know how. The vast majority of neck pain is from poor posture! If you continue to slouch at your chairs, or at the computer, or whilst you eat, or continue to lift poorly or stand poorly you will not have removed the cause of your pain and thus remain in pain.

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Neck Pain-the 13 best ways to help it.

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If you want to have a  healthy, pain free flexible neck make sure you are doing all or at least most of these:

1.    Have good posture all day every day- sit tall and stand tall

I have written about this a lot and if you dont understand this point you are fighting a losing battle. Its number 1 in my list because it is the most important thing to do for your neck. Your posture is vital to a healthy neck, without good posture you can forget about ever having a permanently pain free neck

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3 Great ways to treat Tension Headaches

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Here are 3 ways to help treat those dreaded tension headaches.

It might sound paradoxical at first, but this is very effective in relieving tension headache.

Try to soak your feet in hot water to get relief from tension headache. By drawing blood to your feet, the hot-water foot bath will help in easing pressure on the blood vessels in the head. Pressure on the blood vessels in the head following a contraction of the muscles in the head and neck is the primary reason for tension headache, and this technique, without medication, might do just that – ease the pressure on the blood vessels.

If you cannot find hot water for soaking your feet, you might use a hot compress on your forehead or at the back of your neck. Since the contraction of muscles causes headache, this hot compress might help in relaxing the contracted muscles and provide instant relief to you from the tension headache.

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Todays Neck Pain Exercises Tip- Are your Eyes causing your neck pain?

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Neck pain, the forward head posture and your eyes

If you cant see well enough reading this without craning your neck forwards you probably  need glasses or If you are wearing glasses you should perhaps change them for a different strength. Remember, if you spend prolonged amounts of time in the forward head posture “it will lead to long term muscle strains, disc herniations and pinched nerves”( Mayo Clinic).

One of The most common reasons people sit and stand with a forward head posture is that they cant see well enough.

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Two exercises that WILL give you neck pain

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 There are a few exercises that do your body more harm than good. Here are two of the worst exercises you could possibly do to wreck your backs,  shoulders and neck. Do not do these ever!

1. Lat pull downs behind your head

Here is an exercise that you see people doing often in the gynasium and it’s very damaging to both the shoulders and the neck. When you do this exercise you end up haviong to pull the shoulders too far back  which overstretches the ligaments and capsule. You definitely do not want this! Ligaments should be tight to keep the joints stable and once they are over stretched they don’t tend to shrink back. Ligament laxity can then easily lead to rotator cuff problems.

I am sure many of you know of someone who has dislocated his shoulder not once but 2 or 3 times and then eventually needed surgery; this is because the joint has become very unstable due to the ligament laxity. You want tight ligaments but flexible muscles and tendons.

The other problem with doing lat pull downs behind your head is that it puts your neck in a forward position which is exactly what you do not want. This creates great strain on the cervical discs and ligaments and can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, impingements etc. If ‘putting your head in a ‘forward head position is a new term then look at the major cause of neck pain.

The alternative to this is doing the lat pull downs in front of your head, bringing the bar to your chest. Remember though to keep your back in a neutral position. To do this you need to use your abdominal muscles which means you are now also activating you core. The majority of people do this exercise with their back over arched and that puts pressure on the lower back tissues and facet joints leading to lower back problems.  I wrote about the core muscle in a previous blog and it’s especially important that you are using your core muscles when doing your workout.

Remember, for a healthy lower back its vital that you have  a strong and stable lower back and flexible mid back and hips, not the other way around.

2. Sit-ups
First of all, if you are doing sit-ups to strengthen your core-STOP!

I will not go into great detail in this post about the correct way to strengthen your core but I have written about the best alternative to sit-ups in another post. Remember also that your core muscles are not just your stomach muscles. In order to strengthen your core to stabilize and protect your back there are two other extremely important muscle groups that also need to be addressed. If you are just strengthening your stomach muscles you are setting yourself up for imbalances in the area where it is imperative that you have balance, stability and muscle endurance.
The main reason you should not be doing sit-ups is because it damages your back! The posterior forces that are produced on your lower back discs are enormous! What this means is, do enough sit-ups and you will be on a short course to lower back pain and if enough damage is done you will more than likely get sciatica. Sciatica is where the nerve is being pressed or ‘impinged’.

You already know that you should bend forwards with a straight back so that you don’t cause damage however a sit-up is doing the same motion as what you try to avoid when standing and bending.

The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety recommends that no more than 3400 newtons should be placed on the lower back because this or more than this amount of force is harmful to the lower back. Well guess what, a sit-up produces 3413 newtons of force. This means that every sit-up that you do is potentially damaging your back!

There are much better alternatives to doing sit-ups that will strengthen your stomach muscles without the harmful effects to your back.

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