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Neck Pain quick tips

Todays’ Neck Pain Exercises Tip

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When you drive your car its very easy to slouch in your seat. This is very bad on both your back and your neck. Therefore, put a small cushion behind your lower back and also adjust your rear view mirror slightly higher. By lifting your mirror it will keep you sitting slightly higher in your seat to see what’s behind you and cause you to remain in  better posture.




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A Quick ‘Neck Pain Exercises’ Tip

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Look AT your computer not INTO it

One of the best ways to have neck pain is to sit slouched in front of your computer. How are you sitting right now? are you melting into your chair or are you sitting tall? Ask yourself this-if you were to drop a stone from your chin would it fall onto your chest or onto the floor. If you said ‘onto the floor’ your head is in a forward head posture which is causing great stress on your neck structures and is one of the major reasons you have neck pain. Sit up nice and tall as if helium balloons were lifting you up skywards from the top of your head. Your neck will feel much better very quickly. Put a note on your computer screen in the top corner  “sit tall”

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My 5 top tips to avoid having neck pain from driving

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It’s very common for people to suffer from neck pain when they drive, especially if they have to drive for a long time. The last thing you want is to drive for 10 hours to go on your holiday vacation and you wake up the next day and cant turn your neck.

Here are my 5 top tips to avoid having neck pain from driving

  1. Good posture- if you sit in your seat slouched over the steering wheel you will probably not only have neck pain but also back pain as well. Therefore put a small cushion or rolled up towel behind your lower back to get your lower back in good postural position. Remember, its imp[ossible to have good neck posture if you have bad lower back posture-good neck posture starts at your lower back
  2. Bring your backrest up. The days of you with your backrest sat wayyyy back are over-no more low riding. This does not mean however that you are to have your seat so far forward that you are squashed up against your steering wheel. It’s a happy medium. Just bring your  seat slightly more vertical and this will help you avoid craning your neck into a forward head position( your enemy number 1)
  3. Take regular breaks. Even good posture needs a break, not to mention, its good for you to get out and have some fresh air to freshen up mentally as well. Stretch your hands to the sky and do some deep breaths. This will help oxygenate your blood stream and at the same time decompress your spine.
  4. Lift your rear view mirror slightly higher than you need it. This will help you sit tall throughout the journey rather than slouch
  5. If you need to crane your head forward to see through the windshield you probably need glasses to help you see when your driving-or you need your windscreen washed. Either way, driving with a forward head posture is what you must avoid to have a happy healthy neck when you arrive at your destination

Happy travels!



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Sleeping Positions and Neck Pain

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As a general rule, whether you sleep on your side or your back, you want to make sure that your neck is not getting pushed forwards, backwards or sideways. It should be fairly level. If you are sleeping on your back you definitely do not want too many pillows that push your head into a forward position like we have seen in poor sitting postures. This is very common and is a common reason why people wake up with neck pain. I have talked at great length in many of my other articles about the importance of keeping your posture with your head on top of your shoulders, not out in front of them. You need to imagine that your head and shoulders should be like a golf ball sitting on a tee. Then your head sits on top of your spine which reduces the stress and strain on your neck muscles and ligaments enormously. The same goes for sleeping, just because you are now horizontal it does not mean that you can now have your head pushed forward again.

If you sleep on your back you want a pillow that keeps your head in a reasonably level position with your body. You don’t want your head sinking backwards into the pillow nor do you want it pushed forwards.

If you lay on your side to sleep you don’t want your head sinking too far into the pillow nor getting pushed up. If you are lying on your side you want the feeling that your head is pretty much in a neutral position as opposed to being bent to the left or right. Imagine if you were told to stand or sit with your head to one side for 8 hours, by the end of the day it would feel very sore wouldn’t it. This is what is happening if your head is kept in poor position all night from a bad pillow or wrong pillow.

When it comes to the question of whether you should sleep on your stomachs I want you to do this little experiment. Do it carefully though. I want you to turn your head to one side as far as you can and now tilt it backward a little. Now imagine if I pushed your head a little further around and a little further backwards and you had to keep that position for an hour or so and then we would do the same on the other side and continue this for eight or so hours. This is the position you have when you are on your stomachs with the pressure of the mattress or pillows pushing your head further. Your head is fully rotated and pushed backwards. If its not comfortable to do standing up its definitely not going to be comfortable for your neck lying down either.

Furthermore, your discs swell up overnight as they fill with fluid which puts even more intra discal pressure on the spine and its surrounding ligaments adding even more stress. Therefore, make sure that you have a good pillow and i have written which pillows are good for your necks in a previous article. As far as sleeping on your stomachs goes, this is most definitely not healthy for your necks!

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Neck pain when looking up

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Look-up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s-my neck hurting again!

Many people have pain when they have to look upwards and others lose this range of motion when they hurt their necks. It is very easy to fix. The major problem is that people tend to crane their neck which puts enormous stresses on the structures of the neck. When you look skywards rather than sticking your chin out and having your head in a forwards head posture you should retract your head slightly before you look up. This will start saving your neck and be a much healthier way of gazing at the stars.

If you don’t do this slight retraction movement before you look upwards you keep grinding the facet joints and soft tissues which continually hurt your neck. A perfect example of this is a tradesman such as a painter. A person who paints walls on houses continually has to look up and if he cranes his neck to do so he will (if he is not already) get neck pain.

Remember rule number 1, if your ears are in front of your shoulders you are going to damage your neck. Your ears MUST be vertically above your shoulders to be in good postural position. As I have mentioned before, every inch your ears move in front of your shoulders places an extra 10 lbs of weights on your head for your neck. If they are not, you will remain in neck pain. Sure you may be better for certain periods but it’s just like the cousin you are not fond of, neck pain will appear when you least expect it. That’s for certain!

Look out for my new DVD which will be available in the coming month. It is guaranteed to fix your neck pain in 3 easy straightforward steps or your money back. Neck pain is easy to fix when you know the causes and how to remove them. The great mystery about neck pain is that there really is no mystery.  I have treated thousands of clients over the past 20 years throughout the world with this 3 step method of mine and have seen the results. It is a proven research based method which will fix your neck pain 100% guaranteed.

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how to remove neck pain when you sneeze

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Sneezing and neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain when you sneeze or cough there is a simple way to remedy this. One of the major causes of neck pain when you sneeze is holding your neck in a flexed or forward position at the time of sneezing; in other words, having your head looking downwards toward the ground. This can put enormous stresses on your discs and ligaments and create pain. If your head is protracted as well (head forward position) you are stressing them even further. Add to that the enormous forces generated when you sneeze (a sneeze comes out of your mouth at 100 miles per hour) and it’s no wonder your neck hurts!

A great way to keep this from happening is to keep your head in a more neutral position this means, neither forwards or looking down so that the pressure is much less on your neck structures. Keep your head ever so slightly retracted (see the double chin exercise) and you can even have your head looking slightly upwards. This will help enormously. Just make sure to cover your mouth!

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